Welcome Weary Travellers of the Literary Journey…

Howdy folks, mah name is Wuto, and I’ll be your tout through the wonderful world of HSC Engrish. Why the hell did you mispell English you say? Well that’s because I suspect that English Forum is already taken as a WordPress name!

I vaguely recall playing Pacman at my local Arcade. Age + University boozing = Hmm... what does it equal again?

Any who, the reason I decided to start this blog was the fact that I had about five years of notes I had written for people saved on word docs; and I want to share em with the world. Who the hell are you to share this with the world you ask? Well I am one helluva tutor that has taken a whole squadrons of folks to various high end university courses – and of course I do the Engrish teaching! I am a qualified English Literature teacher, and damn good cook. I also paint and run Dungeons and Dragon games for the local community; not to mention a casual writer and poet!

Mah favourite poet is TS Eliot
Mah favourite writer is Aldous Huxley (Gonna name mah son that)
Mah favourite Shakespeare is Hamlet (Alas poor Yorick!)
Mah favourite book at the moment is Pride and Prejudice (and Zombies)
Mah favourite ongoing series is Discworld by Terry Pratchett

So you wanna know, what the hell is Methodology? Why the hell are you deliberately misspelling a whole buncha words? Well old pal, Methodology is “the analysis of the principles of methods, rules, and postulates employed by a discipline” – wikipedia. I had figured since 2003 that the HSC is one sorry ass cluster of rules and regulations that detract entirely from the study of literature, so I had in subsequent years designed for my students a set of linguistic tools that enabled them to easily identify marking criteria and feed em like a Pavlovian Dog. I am misspelling because I can.

I am an expert when it come to literature, but a noobsauce when it comes to blogging, so bear with me as I traverse the wonders of such exquisite magics as posts, labels, keywords, and adverts.

Happy reading and I hope you find the notes you are looking for!

~ Wuto ~


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