Texting our Society

The Board of Studies Says:

■     demonstrate understanding of the ways texts and meaning are shaped bycontext
■     organize, develop and express ideas using language appropriate to audience, purpose,
context and form

Unlike Module A or B, there seems to be a element of general summary about the outcome of this module. The context that you are meant to discuss is either Into the World or The Global Village. What the markers want to see is intellectual engagement with these concepts through intuitive use of T.E.EM (s).

Into the World

This elective is a very simple one.

Imagine that you have lived your life in a nice sheltered home. Your parents are relatively wealthy, and you have basically got everything you will ever need. Life is good and peaceful, and this peace seems to want to continue for ever. Suddenly however, tragedy hits, your parents and loved ones have perished in a terrible accident. Your home is destroyed or taken by the bank, and you must live with relatives who think you are a burden. Rather than living vicariously, you now must fight for food, work for yourself, and experience hardships. The world around you is no longer nice but filled with rules you do not know, its like playing Poker in a dark room without being able to see the cards in your hand. You are a stranger in a strange land.

That, is what this module is all about. Its about you – allegorically put into the prescribed text you are studying. You the student is meant to be enlightened by the story of a character who arrives as a stranger but  tries their hardest (and succeeds after great difficulty) to fit in. Its the story of your life after HSC finishes really – your into the world experience. Thus what you must do is examine the dynamic of this experience, how you feel, what you do, what must be done, and how to tackle difficulties – all through a T.E.EM examination of the prescribed text itself!

The Global Village

In this elective students explore a variety of texts that deal with the ways in which individuals and communities experience and live in a global context. Students consider the positive and negative aspects of the global village and the consequences of these on attitudes, values and beliefs. Students also consider the role and uses of media and technology within the global village and different attitudes people may have towards them. Students respond to and compose a range of texts to investigate how and in what ways living in a global village may influence the ways we communicate, engage and interact with each other.

A very unique module where students are required to compose a response to how the modernity has ‘transcended’ the boundaries of race, class and ethnicity in sharing information. In this module students must discuss the T.E.EM usages that are employed in their texts to make viewing and reading easier for the consumer, though examining stimuli that are relevant away from the the educational setting.


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