About Yours Truly

Why the hell is this guy you ask? Why the hell should I believe in him? Well if you are on this non-RSSed blog chances are I gave it to you so you obviously know who I am. In case you don’t, here are some clarification.

  • I live in Sydney Australia
  • I have a B. Science and B. Education with Majoring in Education and Philosophy – With Honours II : (
  • I am currently involved with Education Research, reaching the esteemed position of Research Lackey A for my research University in last five years
  • Currently trying to get a grant from UWS to do my own methodology research – fingers crossed
  • Been doing tuition for over 8 years now!
  • I got my own teaching studio (well, soon as its being painted and floor sanded in a few weeks)
  • Drives a Prius (Environmentally friendly!)
  • Loves Eating and eats way too much
  • Number One wish is to spend the rest of my life traveling the world and teaching – but alas, real life beckons
Yours Truly, AC/DC

I run a successful but rather small time Tuition Business to keep myself afloat. I have horrible business sense which is why even now I refused to just open a damn center and instead focuses on small groups and individual tuition – I guess I enjoy the one on one atmosphere of teaching. I refuse to teach in a public school because I believe our system is flawed, equality is lost, and the HSC system is detrimental to students, not to mention paper exam systems an old chain tied to 1967. So rather than join the system, I am just living on its fringes, reaping benefits by empowering students individually to achieve than watching at least 90% of my class compete with the elite 10% over UAC scraps.

If you are interested, my email is wuto@tpg.com.au – generally however all my students are recommendations from my ex-students so best to email for availability first and foremost.


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