Mod A Comparative Exam Questions

“Core concepts and powerful presentations never loose their relevance with time, even if the authors communicating these ideas change they way the ideas are represented.”

“Modern ideas are essentially adapted from existing ideas in history.”

“Abet the contexts can be vastly different, texts often retain the same values and reinforce the same key themes.”

“You are a student working for 10HSC radio station. You are broadcasting a bulletin on your prescribed texts. You will interview two scholars, each an expert in their selected field. You will be leading the discussion on how the different roles played by characters in each text shape the meaning and context of the text themselves.” Write the transcript of this conversation; make sure that equal time is given to both your prescribed texts.

“New texts are transformations of old texts, responding to what the older text implies and examining how the contexts have changed.”

“When combined, how does your prescribed texts sustain interest in key themes pertaining to the world outside the narrative?”

“Making connections means the relationship of exploration from one text to another, showing meaning, values, and the effects of differing contexts.”

“The connection from an newer text to an older one aims to capture the essence of the original and transfer it towards the new.”

“No texts are Islands.”

“Context is everything.”


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