Unseen but not Unanswered

Formats and Methods for the writing of Standard Exams When you answer a question, you want to answer it in the most SUCCINCT and EFFECTIVE way possible. This means using the right VOCABULARY, the correct DEVICE, and the relevant EVIDENCE to present your point. Here let us use Dorathea Mackellar's My Country.(1904, not bad for … Continue reading Unseen but not Unanswered


Area of Study – Surface Truths and Skin Deep Analysis

The Area of Study (AOS) is a module that will consume more time than any of the other modules because of its incredible scope and relatively short contact time. The module is however, one of the easiest and the most forward of all the modules - asking for exactly what the board of study wants … Continue reading Area of Study – Surface Truths and Skin Deep Analysis

Text and Representation = Textual Manipulation

Rubric from Board of Studies says: demonstrate understanding of and evaluate the relationship between representation and meaning organise, develop and express ideas using language appropriate to audience, purpose and form HSC Online Says: Conflicting Perspective - their responding and composing, students consider the ways in which conflicting perspectives on events, personalities or situations are represented … Continue reading Text and Representation = Textual Manipulation

Same Same but Different – Wonders of Comparative Text

Comparative study of text is all about making links and understand the T.S Eliot school of literature theory that all works are validated by their predecessors. By understanding similar themes explored by older texts, we are able to better understand what the new text is about. HSC Online has this to say about the Moduels … Continue reading Same Same but Different – Wonders of Comparative Text