T.E.EM Devices Master List

T.E.EM Master List

For the reason that the list could potentially damage
your neural cortex and permanently impair your cognitive development, I have decide to split this into four main schools relevant to HSC English. In addition, as a matter of posterity, I have also included a variety of obscure devices that you will never likely use. These can be added to essays to spice it up a bit, giving it an ‘edge’. However I do not recommend using any device you are not familiar with, as verbatim answering of exam question with memorized segments is the bads.
Sources for Devices are as follows: Wikipedia:
http://en.wikipedia.org for a list of the more obscure stuff
Glossary of Literary Terms (7th Ed) by M.H. Abrams – not for the weak hearted, full of jargon and almost indecipherable cryptic references to classic literature. It was virtually useless in first year University…

Narrative Device

Ironically a story about the Cupcake Holocaust of 67'

Rhetorical and Aural Devices

If a cup cake is eaten in the woods, does it make a sound?

Imagery and Visual Device

Colour, Composition, Layout, Salience

Devices used in Film’

The Cupcakes of Paris, a love story

Multi-modal Devices

Bit of this, bit of that, bit of here and there


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