Module B Sample Questions

Wacky Questions aside from the standard HSC Past Paper ones:

“An admirable text does not define or exhaust its possibilities”.

Examine your prescribed text, making close references to two extracts, scenes, chapters, or authors.


“Considering a text from different perspectives develops an appreciation of its textual integrity“. Do you agree? Respond to this question through detailed reference to your prescribed text.


Critical study of text allows us to understand the complex nature of

Hamlet – Intense human relationships

Slessor – The intensity of human sentiment

Orwell – The discontent with our societies

Ondaatje – The link between exploiter and exploited

Kane – The clash of power and passion


“Each text has an expiration date.”

How has your composer attempted to create a timeless composition that resonates with human society?


Write a series of three or four reflections that demonstrate how your response to [Core Text] changed and developed during the process of your critical study. Base your reflections on detailed reference to the text.


[Core text] is a text that is driven by its purpose/character/intent/context/, how does your study of the [core text] reveal the accomplishment of textual integrity?


A valuable text has something to say and says it well. How valid is this claim, considering the different contexts in which a text can be received? In your answer, compare your personal evaluation of [core text] with other evaluations by critics and composers.


“A text has value if it creates opportunities for change, while maintaining its core values.” Explore this notion in relation to your text set for study.


[Extract from core text]

How does the extract communicate the textual integrity of your [ core text ] ?


In your study of [Core Text], how have you come to understand the complexity of the key themes as interrelated and interconnected, in what way does the composer communicate complex ideas efficiently if at all?


Core text is a valued text because it challenges values of [insert keyword]

Hamlet – Friendship and Loyalty

Slessor – Grief and Sentimentality

Orwell – Critique and Logic

Ondaatje – Power and powerlessness

Kane – Corruption and Wealth


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