Band 5/6 Narrative 2006 Non-Selective

“The hunger to belong is not merely a desire to be attached to something. It is rather sensing that great transformation and discovery become possible, when belonging is sheltered and true. “ The spice scented air of Mumbai enriched, encompassed and enveloped the people of India while diesel driven rickshaws honked through the day. Mumbai … Continue reading Band 5/6 Narrative 2006 Non-Selective


Band 5 Narrative 2009

A hurricane of cacophonic chaos directed all hands along the voice of my mother’s matronly commands. The girls all wore their traditional Saree`s, and the sparkling jewels that shimmered off the rich fabrics only added to the confusion. I hastily aligned my Panjabi and tightened the belt, slipping into the leather sandals that accompanied the … Continue reading Band 5 Narrative 2009

Band 5 Module C – Ruse 2009

Birthday Letters – Ted Hughes Representations of people, ideas and events in various texts unveil the ephemeral nature of perspectives shaped by its reception. The subjectivity of human nature ensures that conflicting perspectives arise from such texts as “The Minotaur” and “Red” from Ted Hughes’ anthology Birthday Letters, the film American Beauty directed by Sam … Continue reading Band 5 Module C – Ruse 2009

Module C Hughes Transformed into an Feature Article – Band 5+

I arrived in London feeling eager, yet slightly nervous at the thought of meeting one of England’s most controversial poets of all time. Hailed by critics and condemned by feminists alike, Ted Hughes was without contention, a mastermind of words. His new poetry collection Birthday Letters has been the subject of much debate. To a … Continue reading Module C Hughes Transformed into an Feature Article – Band 5+