hsc-results-pngHere are some feed back and results from our students in recent years:


2013 - 2014 SELECTIVE Results

HSC Results 2014


Rafia // McArthur Girls // Band 6 / 92 94 ext 1 / 98.2
Andrew H // Homebush Boys // Band 6 / 90 / 96.45
Patrick H // King’s School / Band 6 / 92 / 99.75 / CO-OP Scholarship
Sean N // James Rush Agricultural / Band 6 / 91 / 99.55 / Dentistry
Mithila Z // Penrith High // Band 6 / 95 / Medicine
Mohammed M // Penrith High / Band 5 / 89 / 99.65
David T // Homebush Boys // Band 5 / 85 / Physiotherapy
Carrie L // Baulkham Hills // Band 5 / 89
Ishmam M // Penrith High // Band 5 /85
Jasmine P // McArthur Girls / Band 5 / 85 /
Alice C // MLC / Band 5 / 85

5 Other students count not be contacted at time of Writing

infographic for HSC REserved Jenny Infographic

HSC English Results


Leo  // North Syd Boys // Band 6
Ken T // Fort St // Band 6
Edward L // Fort St // Band 6
Lawrence L // Fort St // Band 6
Ben L // Fort St // Band 6
Max S // Syd Boys // Band 5
John // Fort St // 89 Band 5

Formative Learning has an excellent HSC English program that has greatly assisted myself and many of my friends throughout our HSC English Studies. Tutor Dave is familiar with every HSC prescribed text and his guidance assisted me to gain a deep multi-perspective insight into each text. This experience and familarility combined with a distinct focus on assessment tasks created an enriching educational experience that not only benefited me through my English course, but also helped to improve general essay writing and critical thinking skills that can be applied to many subjects and every day life.

Connie L // Baulkham Hills 89 / 43 / 40 Band 5
William // Fort St // Band 5
Preema // MLC // Band 5 / Band 5
Michelle // Mt St Joseph // Band 5
Kevin // Fort St // Band 5

4 Other students count not be contacted at time of Writing


Parisa P // Penrith High // Band 6

David and his method of teaching has significantly increased my understanding of English in a relatively short time. I have enjoyed his refreshing learning techniques and challenging exercises that have helped me progress from a low rank english student at school to a band 6 student in the HSC.

Christine N // Penrith High // Band 6
Jessie Z // MLC // Band 5
Angel Z  // Danebank Anglican // Band 5
Derek L // Normanhurst High // Band 6 // Dentistry
Ishram R // Penrith High // Band 5
Dharsini S // MLC // Band 6

When I first started English Advanced in year 11, I found the workload over-whelming and I didn’t know where to start, especially with my school teachers constantly changing.  I found my English school teachers preferring different types of writing. If one teacher criticised an essay, another would say it was band 6 material, so I didn’t know what exactly they were expecting.  I was often behind in school, struggling to write my essays without any real guidance.  Once my friend recommended tutoring with David, everything seemed to fall into place.  I was suddenly up-to date with all my English work and never again had to pull one of those all-nighters before an exam, and I would actually look forward to going to my English classes.  From the beginning of my lessons with David, I noticed that he really knew the syllabus inside- out and was able to help me present my school teachers with the writing styles they expected. My ranks in school significantly improved, and I owe it to David.  I’m so grateful to have had such a devoted tutor help me get through my most important years of school.

Samantha // Penrith High // Band 6
(5 other students could not be contacted at time of writing)


Vincent A  // James Ruse Agricultural High School // Band 6 // Dux // Medicine (UNSW)

Tutoring with David really helped improve my English rank, moving from a fairly ordinary 90th in year 10 to a top 20 mark at the end of the HSC, with a mark in upper Band 6. What separates David from the other tutoring places is his emphasis on the analytical structured thinking that is employed when studying texts, rather than simply hammering the themes and quotes into the student. His essay writing methodology has stuck with me and has proven to be useful and applicable in other forms of writing also. Thanks Dave!

Alex C // Homebush Boys High // Band 6
Kazi A.R // Penrith High // Band 5
Sid B // Kellyville High  // Band 6

David was a very knowledgeable and resourceful tutor for HSC English, and catered to my individual needs. From day 1, David was focused on improving my approach to studying HSC English, which ultimately resulted in an advancing of my rank from 17th to 4th in the grade. Due to David’s commitment, I was able to attain a high mark for the subject, as well as gain valuable tools which have helped me in various aspects of my university education. Thanks David !

Deejay P // Homebush Boys High // Band 6

I started getting help from David at the start of Year 12. I had just made the switch from Advanced to Standard English. I came last in Advanced English. However Year 12 was a huge turnaround. I stood 2nd in Standard English. This was largely due to David’s methodical approach to English. He provided me with an excellent understanding of the basics. He was always ready to help me out by providing constant advice on how I could improve my English skills. All in all I have not known a better tutor in any subject not just English. I would and do recommend him to anyone who seeks help in English.

Ben B // Sefton High // Band 5
Ben P // Mt Annan Christian College // Band 4
Jasmine P // MLC // Band 5
Ramana S // Trinity High // Band 6
David K // Penrith High // Band 6
Andy L // Homebush Boys High // Band 6
Michelle N // James Ruse High // Band 6

(No records kept prior to 2010)

Hurstville Selective Results 2012

Selective Results 2012

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