The Final Sunset

“The Final Sunset” The bifocal lens put into sharpness a spiraling object that illuminated the horizon, propelled by a litter of fuse and powder. Overhead, the wheezing of shrieking shells continued unabated. He forced himself to concentrate despite the aroma of mud and cold blood that hovered over the Turkish air, mingling with the fresh, … Continue reading The Final Sunset


AOS Band 6 Nasht + Kite Runner

           The process of discovery enlightens and educates individuals with fresh, meaningful ideals about the physical and spiritual world, whilst also reshaping an individual’s perspectives of the world, themselves and others. Two texts which explore this dynamic of discovery is Simon Nasht’s documentary Frank Hurley: The Man Who Made History (2004) … Continue reading AOS Band 6 Nasht + Kite Runner

Band 6 T.S Eliot :: Frustration Theme

“Eliot’s poetry is about the frustration of the journey man through a bleak landscape.” Critically evaluate this statement through a personal response which examines the elements of Eliot’s art form.                     Eliot’s poetry poignantly communicates to the responder a distressing pathos that stems from his inner … Continue reading Band 6 T.S Eliot :: Frustration Theme

Band 6 Hamlet – Foil Themed

William Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet,’ is a timeless play which remains relevant across all generations due to its engagement with universal concepts of what constitutes a ‘man’ and rational thought over rash action. Within the medieval context, to be subservient to one’s patriarch in vengeance was a noble cause. However, prince Hamlet struggles with his avenger role … Continue reading Band 6 Hamlet – Foil Themed

State Rank 1 Mod C :: Tom Brennan

Intensely provocative experiences of transitions are often challenging and difficult, they offer individuals opportunities to change, but also can become stifling and hostile. However, overcoming the adversity hindered in these transitions, growth and a state of enlightenment can be reached. Growth and development of individuals are result of engaging with the new world in transition … Continue reading State Rank 1 Mod C :: Tom Brennan

State Rank 1 Mod A :: Shoehorn Sonata

Distinctly visual techniques area able to capture and instils genuine emotional responses in the audience as they come to understand the contexts and events of the compositions. In The Shoe Horn Sonata, John Misto utilises theatrical techniques to depict the ‘forgotten’ history of Australian nurses during WWII. Misto ‘s play through exploring  the experiences of … Continue reading State Rank 1 Mod A :: Shoehorn Sonata

Textual Dynamics Creative: Le author de morte (The Death of the Author)

                            My fingers brush across the mystical forests, the quaint cottages, the rustic farms – all so different to the gentle leisureliness of the chambers in the castle, the drawing rooms. Everything was sharper, clearer, the key lines of narrative fate spread before … Continue reading Textual Dynamics Creative: Le author de morte (The Death of the Author)